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Membership Fee

Our main source of funding comes from our property
owners and business'
paying a membership fee.
Below is the current rate:

Residential Property
No Structure $25.00
Per Livable Structure $50.00

Commercial Property
$100.00 per 5,000 sq ft
Maximum Cost of $1,000.00


Read Paul Harvey's
Fire & Ice


Want To Be A Part Of
The Fire Department
But Have No Desire
To Fight Fire?
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Darryl Baker
Steve Mayer
Contact Information
Mailing Address
PO Box 1210
Corbin, KY 40702-1210
Station 1 Physical Address
90 Gloucester Avenue
Corbin, KY 40701-6113
(Pronounced gloss - ter)
Station 2 Physical Address
351 US Hwy 25W
Corbin, KY 40701
Business Phone
fax 888-447-7609

Fire Hazard Season

Spring Season:
Feb. 15th - April 30th
Fall Season:
Oct. 1st - Dec. 15th

Division of Forestry

Auxiliary Meeting

 The Last Tuesday
of Every Month
@ 6:30PM @
West Knox Station 1
Next to Old Lynn Camp School



  Welcome to our Website

West Knox Receives a Grant for a Thermal Imaging Camera

    Have you ever been lost in the dark and wish you could see where you were going. Well because of a grant from the Kentucky Fire Commission, We Can!

  A thermal imaging camera will let us see in pitch black. It uses the temperature of things to let us see. As you can see in the picture below, a firefighter kneels before going through a doorway. The red, orange and yellow show the differences in the temperature. Next to the firefighters head you can barely make out the crosshairs of the camera. Where you point those crosshairs, the temperature meter tells you how hot it is. As you can see, it's 536 in the lower part of the room.

  When we enter a house to search for someone who may still be inside, it's frustrating and time consuming trying to feel your way around in the dark. Plus you add in the anxiety of wanting to save someone as fast as you can. This camera changes the whole ballgame and turns things in our favor.

  In late 2013 we applied with the Kentucky Fire Commission to receive a 50/50 grant to purchase a camera. The cost of the camera was $6,000.00. We paid $2,800.00 and the Fire Commission paid $3,200.00. What a small price for such a huge benefit!

  Would you like to see how it works? Come by the station any Monday night and we will show you.

  Thanks to the Kentucky Fire Commission for making this possible for us to afford!!


it's Dinner Time...

  Come join us for our Meet the Candidates Dinner on April 27th at Lynn Camp Elementary School. Dinner starts at 11:30am and last until about 3:00pm.





NEW FREQUENCY    453.5625

FCC Forces a Change...
    In 2013 all two-way radios are required by the FCC to be narrowband compliant. Since most of our radios are 10 plus years old, they are not compliant. We have to replace 7 radios in our trucks, radios & pagers for 38 firefighters, a radio at both stations, radios at both Laurel & Knox Dispatch and our repeater. Our cost is going to be around $40,000. We have no choice but to change.
    We have been working with Laurel Counties CSEPP Director to be included in some federal funding to help with these funds. We have also just been awarded a VFA Grant that will give us $5,000 toward this project. Senator Stivers & State Representative Stewart have worked with our Knox County Fiscal Court to secure $10,000 in coal severance money that we will use toward this project.
    The end result is that with all of the firefighters business and money management skills, our community will not be burdened with try to help fund a $40,000 project.
   We will also be changing from VHF to UHF. Once we receive our new frequency, we will post it here so anyone that wants to listen to us, can.

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