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Fire Department Training Schedule

  In an effort to improve our training schedule and to make it more uniform, All classes will be conducted on the same training Monday every year. For instance, PPE will be on the 2nd Monday of January every year. All trainings will be at Station 1 unless otherwise noted.

Classes may be cancelled because of unforeseen reasons.
Monday Night Classes generally last 3 hours.
All Emergency Services Personnel are invited to attend our classes.



Download Our 2015 Training Schedule Here


For Upcoming Statewide Training go to Kentucky Fire Commission for more info...



Date Start Time ClassLocationInstr. 
 2nd Monday12 7:00pm Personal Protective EquipmentStation 11 
 4th Monday26 7:00pm Administration & OrganizationStation 11 

 2nd Monday9 7:00pm SafetyStation 11 
 Weekend Class21 9:00am HazMat Awareness and OperationsStation 12 
  22 9:00am HazMat Awareness and OperationsStation 12 
 4th Monday23 7:00pm CommunicationsStation 12 

 March    No Regularly Scheduled Classes in March

 2nd Monday13 7:00pm Portable ExtinguishersStation 11 
 4th Monday27 7:00pm Forcible EntryStation 11 

 2nd Monday11 7:00pm VentilationStation 11 
 Weekend Class16 9:00am Vehicle ExtricationWallens Towing1 & 3 
 4th Monday25 7:00pm LaddersStation 11 

 June    No Regularly Scheduled Classes in June

 2nd Monday13 7:00pm Fire Hose, Nozzles and AppliancesStation 11 
 4th Monday27 7:00pm Water SupplyStation 11 

 Fire School Week10 6:30pm Aircraft Crash FirefightingStation 12 
  11 6:30pm Ky Flashover & RecognitionStation 12 
  13 6:30pm Ky Wildland Firefighting AwarenessStation 12 
  14 6:30pm Traffic Incident ManagementStation 12 
 Weekend Class15 9:00am Drivers Training   (Classroom)1st Day - Station 12 
 Weekend Class16 9:00am Drivers Training   (Cone Course)2nd Day - Lynn Camp School  
 4th Monday24 7:00pm Pumper Operations and MaintenanceStation 12 

 September    No Regularly Scheduled Classes in September

 2nd Monday12 7:00pm Fire BehaviorStation 11 
 4th Monday26 7:00pm RopesStation 11 

 Weekend Class7 9:00am Firefighter Survival & RescueStation 12 
 Weekend Class8 9:00am Firefighter Survival & RescueStation 12 
 2nd Monday9 7:00pm CPR / AEDStation 12 
 4th Monday23 7:00pm First AidStation 12 

 December    No Regularly Scheduled Classes in December


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